Basement Movie Theatre

Looking for something creative to do with all that wasted space in your basement? This finished basement idea will give you a mini movie theater in your own home. Who wouldn’t love that?

It will be a great space to enjoy watching movies together as a family, and dad can claim the room on Football Sunday. Mom can…well, sorry Mom, you might have a hard time wrestling everyone else out of there.

How to implement this finished basement idea:

Okay, get ready. I am giving you permission to go out and buy the biggest flat screen television you can afford. You know, one of those great ones that go up on the wall. Oh, and throw in a new DVD player for those action movies you will want to watch down there.


You will also need to get something to sit on. Try finding some comfy armchairs that are small enough to place side-by-side, theater style. You can place as many chairs as you want, or as room will allow. I suggest one chair for each family member and maybe a few extra for guests.


To address your walls in this home theater finished basement idea, you can purchase some thick, discount fabric from any craft store or craft department. All you will have to do for this is measure the fabric and cut it so that it will hang from the floor to the ceiling around the room.

There is no need to put fabric on the wall the television will be on. Make sure to leave enough extra fabric for when you cut it to hem and make a slot for hanging. Scrounge up some strong line to thread the fabric through and hang with hooks. If all else fails, you can simply staple the fabric to the walls at the top.


On the floors, some great indoor/outdoor carpet would be great. This is fairly inexpensive, and it is extremely easy to clean. If you can install this carpet yourself, great, if not, get a pro. Some stores will throw in the installation with the price of the carpet.

Now that your floors and walls are addressed for your finished basement idea, hang your television on the wall of your choice. Now, arrange your chairs so that they are facing your television screen. Make sure to leave spacing to get to the chairs.


You can add a great popcorn machine, or a microwave somewhere in the room to make popcorn or other movie snacks. A great idea is putting a small dorm-sized refrigerator in your home theater. This way there is easy access to drinks and other snacks and you’ve got your very own concession area.

This finished basement idea is a really cool idea that your family will truly enjoy. This is an effective way to keep your kids occupied, especially on ‘sleep over’ nights. It’s an efficient way to utilize the space in your unused basement, and something you know that your family will love.

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